Dr Nicola Gates - Registered Health Practitioner

BA Hons, M.Phil Psychology, MA. Clinical Neuropsychology Melbourne University, PhD Psychiatry UNSW

Brain and Mind Practice

Nicola Gates PhD, Clinical Neuropsychologist, is a registered health practitioner with AHPRA. She is also registered with Medicare, SIRA, and WorkCover NSW.

Dr Gates has over twenty-five years experience working with adults providing assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation services to improve their lives. Her practice framework combines neuropsychology and neuroscience, along with positive psychology, mindfulness, cognitive behaviour therapy and a solution focus.

Dr Gates publishes peer reviewed research to support her evidence based approach and contributes to the continual development of relevant rehabilitation, intervention, assessment and therapy practices.


NeuroPsychology Services

  • Psychometric cognitive assessments for medico-legal, fitness for duty, diagnostic and rehabilitation purposes to quantify and describe cognitive strengths and weakness, and diagnostic assessment of acquired brain injury, dementia, and traumatic brain injury.
  • Medicare supported Mental Health Care Plans providing focused psychological therapies to manage stress, anxiety, depression, substance use, menopause, cancer, injury and other life challenges.
  • Rehabilitation and intervention following acquired brain injury to improve injury recovery, cognitive function, and mental health.