Dr Nicola Gates – Speaker

Dr Nicola Gates is an experienced and world class speaker and has worked with multiple organisations including: Deloitte, ALUCA, Corriagio, Genworth, Integria, NSW Law Society, Hammond Care, Pearson, Goldendoor, BUPA and several legal firms and private companies; and at major events.

Her presentation style is professional and engaging as she easily translates complicated medical and neuroscience research into simple and practical terms making it accessible to audiences of all ages and background. Dr Gates explains brain-mind-body connections, promotes optimal health, and motivates individuals to change unhelpful habits to  a healthy lifestyle and positive mindstyle for life.


Dr Nicola Gates is a registered health professional and can not display testimonials as per the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) regulations however, referees can be provided upon request.

Protecting Your Brain Power

Protecting a business’ brain bank is a practical funny and informative talk to reduce the economic cost of stress, mental health issues and depression. Employees are an organisation’s greatest asset.  Participants will become informed, develop insight and be able to convert health knowledge into behaviour change so business can enjoy an optimal return on investing in their people.

A Brain for Life

Dr Nicola Gates is committed to make health and medical research accessible to increase the functional health and promote well-being.  This talk is based upon her first book, and is aimed at helping individuals to have healthy brains and optimal cognitive function and reduce risk of disease, dementia and disability.  The talk includes real life stories and practical strategies that everyone can relate to and become inspired so that we thrive.

I Love My Brain

Dr Gates is passionate about prevention, and educating children and teens at school provides the perfect opportunity to improve the next generations’ health.  Her talks are accessible presenting complicated science in clear ways with  a comprehensive set of life skills and practical strategies, along with personal insights and real-life stories. Dr Gates has spoken to children in years K to 12, modifying the message to be interesting and meet the needs of each age group at public and private schools.