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Dr Nicola Gates is a registered health practitioner and researcher, with endorsement as a Clinical Neuropsychologist. 

Neuropsychological assessment services provided for medico-legal purposes, fitness for duty, diagnoses, and rehabilitation. Individual psychological services include psychological therapies that comply with Medicare focused psychological mental health care and involve psycho-education, positive psychology, mindfulness, goal setting, cognitive behaviour therapy and rehabilitation. 

Books & Articles

Dr Gates is the author of two best selling books:  A Brain for Life, published in 2016 , and The Feel Good Guide to Menopause  published in 2019 with Harper Collins. She writes on request for magazines, professional journals and health campaigns to promote optimal body brain and mind health across the lifespan.  She has over forty-five peer-reviewed international research publications including a book chapter examining exercise and the brain published by Wiley .

Keynotes & Workshops

Dr Nicola Gates has presented to thousands of adults in multiple forums to increase health knowledge, enhance lifestyles and motivate individuals to invest in their mental and physical wellbeing. She translates complicated medical and neuroscience research into simple and practical terms making body-brain-mind science accessible to audiences of all ages. Her presentations are engaging, and inspire and empower the audience to  make individual changes to enhance their health and psychological being.


clinical neuropsychologist, author & speaker 

Dr Nicola Gates completed her PhD at UNSW School of Medicine examining lifestyle prevention of dementia. She has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Neuropsychology and has spent over twenty-five years in private practice working with adults to improve their mental, physical and cognitive wellbeing.   Dr Nicola Gates is a world renown neuroscience researcher with over 45 peer reviewed research papers on intervention, therapy, and neuropsychology . Her two books have been best sellers as she translates complicated medical evidence and neuroscience with positive psychology in a practical accessible way to boost body, brain and mental health. 

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Dr Nicola Gates is a registered psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, and can provide services under Medicare. There are many practitioners working in health but only those registered practitioners are recognised by the Federal Government as having appropriate qualifications, ethical practice and evidence of benefit. Unregistered health professionals may have inadequate experience, inadequate qualifications, or unethical practices including breaches to privacy and conflict of interest.  By choosing Dr Nicola Gates you benefit from an ethical practice, full qualification requirements, up to date training standards, the latest medical research, and over twenty-five years of clinical experience.


Brain and Mind Psychology provides you with the comfort of knowing that all services combine established and recognised psychological theory, medical research, and a proven evidence base for the best possible care.  Feel secure knowing that Dr Nicola Gates has over 25 years’ clinician experience as a registered Psychologist with endorsement in Clinical Neuropsychology and a track record of published peer reviewed research into brain health, wellbeing and lifestyle interventions.
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