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Therapeutic Life-style Change (TLC), is going to be a dominant theme this year at brain and mind psychology as many diseases and/or discomforts can be reduced or alleviated by making positive life style changes.

Early into every New Year  I unfortunately have many clients reporting increasing anxiety and stress, and feelings of depression. The vitality gained from holidays has waned, feelings of rest have dissipated, and motivation to pursue New Year’s resolutions has died beneath the ‘to do’ list.

One of the best TLC things to do is to start with prevention via stress management, and getting the fundamentals right of good sleep, healthy diet, and exercise. Seek positive experiences, keep in contact with friends and family, do the things you love and cultivate meaning and purpose.

The second great step is to seek help before you hit the bottom. Too much stress is a significant burden on the body, the brain, and one’s emotional wellbeing. High stress can spill over into major anxiety disorders, acute panic attacks, and even bouts of depression. One in eight Australians will have a panic attack, with approximately 12% of the population being affected by an anxiety disorder, and as many again will experience depression. Poor mental health can become disabling, leading to isolation, self-medication, and an inability to function at work leading to absenteeism and even loss of employment, and inability to adequately complete family and domestic roles.

If you think you are beginning to sink I suggest you talk to your local doctor as a first step, and then arrange to see a psychologist, psychiatrist or other registered health professional. Slowly, slowly, day by day you will begin to feel  better in every way.