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Whether it be through religion, spirituality, or a world view, having a sense of yourself as part of something bigger and that life has meaning is good for your brain, body and mind health.  

If you have not thought about what meaning is for you just take some time to think of your priorities – what do you value most ? what are your passions?    Importantly translate that meaning to give yourself a sense of purpose and live life accordingly.  It does not have to be grand jesters –  simply practising kindness and compassion in daily life has huge positive benefits for yourself and others, or it may mean you volunteer for a cause, spend more time with family / friends, celebrate the natural world, or create.

Whilst health researchers have known for a long time that meaning and purpose improve body health and psychological wellbeing, neuroscience research indicates that having a strong sense of purpose lowers brain tissue damage – so find what drives you, your raison d’etre and live accordingly.