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Our mind-style is just as important as our life-style for building total optimal health for body brain and mind.  How we think wires our brain and impacts upon our body – influencing our morbidity and mortality.

There are multiple mechanisms connecting our thinking patterns to our health including systems involved with inflammation, immunity, brain-gut axis, to life-style as positive people engage in healthier behaviours.

Is the predominant thinking pattern pessimistic (glass half empty)? or is it primarily positive, optimistic (glass half full)?  Being fantastically adaptive and capable of rewiring, if we change our mind we can change our brain.  Our thoughts are our own – we create them so we can un-create them too.

  1. Consider how you want your thinking (and brain) to be – helpful and positive or unhelpful.
  2. Next consider your thoughts- bring your attention to your thoughts – listen do not judge – just become aware
  3. Acknowledge but then let go of any unhelpful ones – simply say this thinking is unhelpful for me now
  4. Watch out for the repetitive themes, and just gently decide to let them go.


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