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70% of Australians want to die at home. Only 14% achieve their last wish.

Death may be a conversation that many find difficult however, death itself cannot be avoided. The vast majority of deaths occur in old age and are expected, providing an opportunity to celebrate life and time to plan to leave. The conversation about death is important because it impacts upon how you are living and the quality of the final years of your life. By being mindful and actively planning we can depart peacefully. Yet only 5% of Australians make plans.

Within Australia the numbers dying each year are expected to double within the next 25 years as the wave of baby boomers enter older age. Accordingly it is time we removed social stigma around death and dying and start having meaningful conversations around managing the final stages of disease, dementia, and life itself. Let us learn how to prepare for a ‘good death’.

(Data from the Grattan Institute 2014 Dying Well Report)