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Flaming June.  Menopause is a difficult phase impacting on multiple body and brain systems.  Recently, when talking about menopause, I have meet a few women who felt so overwhelmed by the neuro-chemical changes that they had ‘homicidal’ thoughts.  One even called it her lion moment.  Research suggests that menopause is a period of divorce risk.   One reason is that during menopause, and peri-menopause, the reduction in oestrogen is associated with a lowering of oxytocin which can leave women feeling disconnected and un-bonded to their partners.  So whereas you previously tolerated faults and foibles because of your caring bond you are less connected and freely critical.  Add that to raised stressed levels as a result of increasing cortisol and you have a recipe for lowered tolerance and a shorter fuse.  So perhaps menopause for some can be translated to Men!-a-pause (as in exhale) and count to ten.  Best thing is to start with self compassion, learn some good stress management and meditation techniques.  Oh, and put offenders on notice!